Su-do Spray tanning 

Preparation for Su-do spray tan

The following guidelines are intended to maximise optimum and long lasting results for your spray Tan

  • Exfoliate 24hrs before having your spray tan

  • Hair removal (shaving or waxing) should be performed 24 hours before your Su-do spray tan

  • Remove all jewellery 

  • Do not use perfume, make up,deodorants or any body moisturiser on the day of your spray tan as this may build up a film on your skin and prevent the tan developing correctly.

  • Always bring loose comfortable dark coloured clothing with you to put on after your spray tan. Do not wear a bra, socks or any tight clothing whilst your tan is developing

  • It is advisable to leave the spray tan lotion on your skin for a minimum of 5 hours, although it is recommended to leave on as long as possible before showering.You may sleep overnight in the lotion,however it will transfer to your bed linen Su-do lotion will wash out of cotton products but may not wash out of materials made up of man made fibres.

  • When you first shower after the application you will be aware of the slight brown residue in the water. This is the colour guide washing away and not your tan. 

  • A non oil based product is better to wash with as some shower gels can strip the Su-do tan from the skin. Never use a scrunchy or exfoliating mit to shower with.Your own hands will be sufficient to cleanse your skin and avoid baths or overly hot water.(if must have a bath dont soak)

  • Pat dry with a soft towel, Do NOT rub.

  • Moisturise thoroughly daily with a good non oil based moisturiser to maintain the look and feel of your Su-do tanned skin.

  • You can have a top up tan as often as you wish for a safe and healthy sun kissed glow all year round.


  • NB

  • Sudo do not recommend tanning any areas on the body that have Eczema
    Some medications may stop the tan developing e.g. Steroids, strong Antibiotics and Chemotherapy.

  • Please remember Su-do spray tan does not protect the skin from sun burn


      Full Body £18   Half body £10

If you're looking for a tan which is completely skin-safe and overcomes all the traditional problems of burning, premature ageing of the skin and serious skin change then when not try Su-do spray tan.

A DHA based liquid is airbrushed over all or selected parts of the body and dries in under 10 minutes. The full depth of the tan develops over 5 hours and lasts up to 10 days. Regular moisturizing will help prolong your Spray Tan.


Full body £18 half body £10